Balsam Fir 6 oz. Room Spray

Balsam Fir 6 oz. Room Spray

An earthy mix of pine and balsam fir. 
Our 6-ounce aerosol bottles are made in the USA with the same amazing scent we use for our candles and reed diffusers.

Price: $8.25



I've used another brand of room spray before, but it didn't have a true Christmas tree scent. After reading the reviews here, I bought this product. It does indeed have the scent I was hoping for, but I must say the scent doesn't last long at all. That was very disappointing. If only this had the lasting quality of the other brand, it would be perfect!


I love these Room Sprays. This one makes my home smell like a fresh Christmas tree. Sometimes I use it in the summer just to remind me the Holidays will be coming up. These sprays also make a great gift and I intend to purchase more.


I love love love these room sprays. This one brings Christmas into every room. Smells like a real fir tree. Sometimes I spray this in the off Season just to remind me of the Holiday spirit!!! Great as a gift too.


this smells so good just like a christmas tree i dont wait until christams to use it either i love this smell the candle in this scent smells awesome too

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